May Projects and more

I just finished updating the name of my site from Ruth Guthrie Art to Fox and Raven Designs. Not sure exactly why, other than my name didn't sound as magical as Fox and Raven. Plus, they are two of my favorite creatures and I seem to feature foxes, ravens and owls in much of my artwork.

In the last few months I got addicted to making art journals to use up some of my art supplies, plus they are pure joy to use. There's nothing like the sound of crinkly paper, odd bits of lace and scraps of interesting ephemera to make me swoon. I have some for sale on my site as well as Etsy shop. I have so many ideas for more journals and am also in the process of creating my own digital designs.

I also recently starting taking lessons from Mindy Lacefield, one of my favorite mixed media artists. Her ability to create faces and paintings in a unique and creative way is brilliant.

Artwork inspired by Mindy's face lessons
Peter Pan

Since I work full time at a muggle job in insurance, I don't have a lot of extra time to do all that I would like, but I feel a new sense of creativity lately taking her lessons and letting myself be freer in my art.

Hope you are all well and getting some normalcy back in your lives and stay tuned. I'm slowly but surely creating more art.

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